Girls’ Globe and the 2013 Women Deliver Conference – One Year Later

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Has it already been one year since the 2013 Women Deliver Conference? Where has the time gone? Although it may seem as if the conference was only yesterday, a lot has happened over the past year.

The 2013 Women Deliver Conference was not only a remarkable occasion for various actors within the realm of international development to get together to discuss solutions and take action for women’s and girls’ well-being and health around the globe. This conference was the first time the Girls’ Globe team met face-to-face. It was at this place that the seed was planted for Girls’ Globe to grow into the youth-driven advocacy and communications organization that we are today. And since then, we’ve been active! Read more...

#SinceWD2013: Share Your Progress With Us

By: Jill Sheffield and Katja Iversen

It has already been one year since the extraordinary 2013 Women Deliver global conference took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The three day event brought together 4,500 key stakeholders from approximately 150 countries to focus on the most pressing issues affecting girls’ and women’s health and rights. During this one year anniversary, we want you to share with us: what is the one thing you have done - or done differently - to advance the health and rights of girls and women in your country over the last year? Read more...

Wedu Helps Rising Stars Reach their Full Potential

By: Mario Ferro, Co-Founder and CEO of Wedu

Wedu is one of the winners of the Women Deliver Social Enterprise Challenge and the first-ever Global Solution Awards, which highlight innovative approaches to social entrepreneurship aiming to improve the lives of girls and women.  Winners were announced at the third Women Deliver conference in May 2013.

Wedu unlocks the next generation of female leaders in South East Asia by providing inspiring mentorship for leadership development and innovative financial options to complete university. We aim to revolutionize the leadership development landscape and connect thousands of Rising Stars from the most underprivileged backgrounds to the opportunity to achieve large scale social change in their communities in a financially sustainable manner. You can all join us becoming a Mentor for a Rising Star, an Education Angel, or just contact us to know more. Read more...

Women Deliver PBS Documentary Airs this Weekend

PBS attended the Women Deliver 2013 conference in Kuala Lumpur, and captured the event's highlights in a thirty-minute documentary airing this weekend. Executive Producer Cari Stein met with Melinda Gates, of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to discuss the issues facing girls and women worldwide, and the ways in which their health and well-being should be prioritized. Read more...

Apply Now for a Speaker’s Corner’s Spot

The deadline for applying to Speaker's Corner has now passed.

The Speaker’s Corner at Women Deliver 2013 will be an opportunity for delegates, agencies and organizations to launch special events, projects, campaigns and reports. Running concurrent to all sessions other than the main plenaries, the Speaker’s Corner will be located  within the Exhibit Hall. Each session will be no more than 10 minutes long, with 5 minutes for Q&A. Read more...

How Can I Help?

By: Jill Sheffield with Maz Kessler; Originally posted on Huffington Post

When I was 27 years old, I met a young mother who became one of my greatest inspirations and left a lasting impression on my life.

I was an idealistic young volunteer at a family planning clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. One morning, a woman my own age walked in asking for contraceptives. She carried a newborn baby on her front, and another, older baby on her back. She told me that she had already been pregnant 11 times, but only had six living children.

I was immediately struck by the fact that although we were the same age, I had so many choices that she did not. Back then, Kenya, like so many other countries, required a woman to have her husband's signature in order to access contraceptives. Read more...

Women Deliver Announces Two Exciting Events at Women Deliver 2013 Global Conference

Women Deliver is pleased to invite you to participate in two exciting events at the Women Deliver 2013 conference: Cinema Corner and the Social Enterprise Challenge.

The Cinema Corner is an exciting opportunity to share your work on a global platform. Building on the success of the inaugural Cinema Corner that took place at the 2010 Women Deliver conference in Washington, DC, the 2013 event will include three days of screenings running concurrent to the conference. Films that are selected for screening at the Cinema Corner will be eligible for various prizes and accolades. Read more...


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