Celebrate Solutions: Securing Women’s Land Rights in Rwanda

By: Brittany Tatum, Women Deliver

It was not until 1999 that women gained the right to own land in Rwanda. As a country with one of the highest population densities in Africa, Rwandan land is a valuable commodity. Even though women now have the right to own land, almost 80 percent of women in rural areas of Rwanda do not know their property rights. For those who do, customary laws can still undermine their right to inherit land. These disparities have not gone unnoticed. There are some notable organizations in Rwanda helping women learn about and enforce their land rights. Read More...

Celebrate Solutions: Securing Land Rights through Women’s Support Centers

By: Sanjoy Patnaik, Landesa

An innovative program created by the state government of Odisha and Landesa is helping thousands of women climb out of extreme poverty in Odisha, India. The solution comes in the form of Women’s Support Centers. This program relies on government (child and mother health workers) to identify single, landless rural women, such as widows and abandoned women to help them receive land, training, job cards and other important government services through the centers. Read more...

Celebrate Solutions: Securing Land Rights for Women’s Empowerment

By Yousra Yusuf, Women Deliver

Women operate the majority of small farms and contribute more than 75% of all agricultural work worldwide, yet few of them own the land they cultivate and depend upon to feed their families. Secure land and property rights support economic growth, reduce poverty and provide opportunities for empowerment. Land ownership also provides women with economic access to market institutions and social access to non-market institutions, such as household and community relations. Read more...


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