Women Deliver Welcomes New Board Members

Saundra Pelletier of WomanCare Global and Dr. Imane Khachani of Maternity Hospital Les Orangers in Morocco Join the Global Advocacy Organization’s Board

Women Deliver, a global advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of girls and women, is pleased to announce the election of two new board members, effective immediately: Saundra Pelletier, founding CEO of WomanCare Global, an organization that provides access to safe, affordable, quality reproductive healthcare products to women around the world; and Dr. Imane Khachani, an MD Resident in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine at the Maternity Hospital Les Orangers, National Reference Center in Reproductive Health, in Rabat, Morocco.

“We are thrilled and honored to have Saundra Pelletier and Dr. Imane Khachani join the Women Deliver Board of Directors,” said Jill Sheffield, President of Women Deliver. “Each of them brings a unique perspective, skill, passion, and a life-long commitment to improving access to sexual and reproductive health. Women Deliver is honored to have their support and expertise moving forward.”

These board additions come at a critical point as Women Deliver prepares to host their third global conference on May 28-30, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Women Deliver 2013 conference will be one of the largest gatherings of the decade to focus on the health and empowerment of girls and women around the world.

“I am honored to join Women Deliver as a board member,” said Pelletier. “This is an important distinction because this organization is committed to sustainable change through strategic alliances. We are stronger together and Women Deliver sends a constant and bold call to action for like-minded partners to rally their resources towards empowering women.” 

Pelletier, an internationally recognized marketing expert, has led WomanCare Global since 2009 and had a distinguished and diverse career, which includes her posts as corporate vice president and global franchise leader at Fortune 500 companies. She has also traveled across America as a keynote speaker for women’s organizations and corporations as part of her book tour, “Saddle Up Your Own White Horse.”

Khachani, an obstetrician and gynecologist, previously studied the impact of educational and psychosocial interventions on treatment adherence and quality of life among HIV-positive patients in resource-limited settings for her MD thesis. She conducted her Masters research project on the situation of young people’s sexual and reproductive health in Morocco, analyzing the country’s progress on the ICPD Programme of Action. Her work provides a vital youth perspective and offers insight into what is lacking in sexual and reproductive health resources.

"It's such an honor to join Women Deliver's Board of Directors,” said Khachani. “As a training Obstetrician and Gynecologist, I have come to witness the tragedy of maternal mortality and morbidity first hand, and I believe it is an ethical duty to advocate for women's health. I am delighted to work with such an inspiring group of people to promote solid commitment and concrete action for women and girls' right to health and wellbeing worldwide."




Women Deliver is a global advocacy organization bringing together voices from around the world to call for action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women. Women Deliver works globally to generate political and financial commitments to reduce maternal mortality and achieve universal access to reproductive health.
Twitter: @womendeliver

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