Parliamentarians Key to Achieving Sustainable Development

Today, on World Environment Day, the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPF) launched a handbook guide on ways parliamentarians and other decision-makers can can best promote environmental sustainability within the post-2015 framework.

Titled “The Role of Parliamentarians in Advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda,” the guidebook discusses the close link between environment and socio-economic development, calling for emphasis on raising a profile of environmental objectives alongside poverty-reduction objectives to achieve sustainable progress, which will benefit the health and well-being of people worldwide

According to the guidebook, parliamentarians are uniquely positioned to influence the shape, content and implementation processes of national development goals, thereby making them critical players in the development agenda. They can best play their role by taking action, ensuring accountability, speaking about their stories, creating visibility and demonstrating commitment.

In particular, the guidebook highlights access to modern contraceptives as a key component of sustainability:

“…population dynamics, human health and well-being and environmental sustainability are intrinsically linked. Over 220 million women want, but currently lack access to modern contraceptives. As a result, 22 million unintended pregnancies occur every year.

Meeting this unmet need would improve overall health, reducing unsustainable
levels of population growth, lessen demand for pressure on natural resources as well as advancing more sustainable consumption and environmental sustainability (p24).”

Download the guidebook here.

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