Jill Sheffield To Speak at the 8th Annual Family of Woman Film Festival

On February 24th, Women Deliver Founder & President, Jill Sheffield will be a featured speaker at the Family of Woman Film Festival’s Bonni Curran Memorial Lecture on the Health and Dignity of Women. The festival was founded by Peggy Elliot Goldwyn in 2008 to bring attention to the issues confronting women and girls around the world – issues that are at the heart of Women Deliver’s mission. 

Running from February 23rd until March 1st, this year’s theme is “Women and Their Dreams.” Goldwyn and Stephanie Freid-Perenchio, a documentary photographer and co- chair of the festival, believe that the best way to raise awareness of the global challenges facing women and girls is through the telling of personal stories that resonate with audiences. The festival features five outstanding documentaries and dramas from filmmakers around the world, which all spotlight exceptional girls and women, and their struggles to realize their true potential.

The films tell inspiring stories of women who have all triumphed over amazing obstacles.  “Sepideh” follows a young girl who dreams about being like Anousheh Ansari, an Iranian astronaut working in the NASA operations. In “#chicagogirl,” Alaa, a 19-year-old American girl living in Chicago, coordinates protests in Syria through Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Working with a score of citizen journalists in Homs, she plans protests and escape routes and helps protestors find each other. And in “Light Fly, Fly High” we see a girl fighting against the caste system in India to follow her dream of becoming a professional boxer.

“We are so excited to be a part of such a wonderful festival showcasing many talented women and bringing women’s and girls’ issues center stage,” Katja Iversen, Women Deliver’s CEO said.

The funds raised this year by the Festival will benefit Women Deliver, a new partner to the Family of Woman Film Festival.

Follow along on social media - @WomenDeliver and @JillSheffield - to see the latest from the festival, and check out the schedule here.

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