High Level Task Force to be Launched as Part of ICPD

On Monday, October 1st, the new High Level Task Force will be launched as part of the goals established at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo two decades ago. The Task Force, which is comprised of 26 eminent government, civil, and private-sector leaders and is chaired by Former Presidents Tarja Halonen (Finland) and Joaquim Chissano (Mozambique), will work to promote the ICPD goals in cooperation with other UN agencies, particularly UNFPA, to ensure that the promise of Cairo is realized.

Earlier this year, delegates met at a conference in Istanbul to recommit to the goals set at ICPD in 1994. The goals that center on gender equality, reproductive rights, and family planning, which were reaffirmed by the Millennium Development Goals, have made significant progress but are far from reaching the initial targets set at ICPD. The need for further action is pronounced, especially given that every day 800 women die from causes related to childbirth and pregnancy. 99% of deaths occur in developing countries and every 30 seconds a young person becomes HIV-positive. In the words of President Halonen, much work needs to be done to “...improve the lives of individuals, strengthen communities, and create a more just and sustainable world.”

The creation of this Task Force was one step towards improving the condition of women and children around the world. “Nearly twenty years ago, governments and civil society laid out a plan to ensure the sexual and reproductive rights of the world’s women, men, and young people,” said a Task Force member, Ishita Chaudhry.  “It’s now time to keep our promise and realize that bold vision.”

To read more about ICPD 1994, click here.

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  1. I laud this development.  I suggest that Asia Pacific region be given more .  I also suggest for this body to come up with alternative scenarios (not one size fits all) based on diversed culture, impact of pop, climate change, etc.

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