Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess will Participate in the Inspiration meeting for Women Deliver

Press invitation:

Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess will participate in the inspiration meeting for ‘Women Deliver’ and she will raise a flag for the United Nation’s new Global Goals on September 1st in Copenhagen.

The press are hereby invited to participate when her Royal Highness visits Women Delivers’inspiration meeting, where 100 different organizations and corporations will gather to collect and develop ideas and to decide a plan of action for the Danish Women Deliver Focus in May 2016 in Copenhagen.

The meeting will take place in Eigveds Pakhus on September 1st 1400-1600 CET

Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess has been named protector of the largest ever women’s conference and she will therefore be present at the inspiration meeting, to help kick of the mobilisation and engagement of the entire Danish population.

The inspiration meeting is arranged by the Women Deliver consortium consisting of Danish Groups, and will have the following activities:

  • Initiation of Denmark’s ‘Women Deliver’ participation in May 2016
  • Celebrating that gender equality has obtained a clear and undeniable position in the Universal agenda and has qualified as one of the Global Goals
  • HRH The Crown Princess will raise the symbol of that achievement: The flag with Global Goal number 5: Gender Equality. HRH the Crown Princess will raise the flag in front of Eigtveds Pakhus 14.05 CET

HRH the Crown Princess has been invited by the Global Goals Campaign to raise the flag as the first in a series of 17 flags to symbolise the 17 Global goals. The remaining 16 flags will be raised in a number of other places around the world to create awareness of the Global Goals towards the UN general assembly later in September. The Global Goals is a series of highly ambitious targets amongst others to end poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change before 2030. If you’d like to know more about the Global Goals:

Present during the celebration and inspiration meeting will amongst others be Martin Bille Herman, General Manager of development policies at the Foreign Ministry and more than 100 different organisations, institutions and corporations, who already now are planning activities and events to mark the Danish hosting and get the Danish population involved in the important agenda.
Contact information and press admission:
The press needs to submit applications to: Christian Hørdum Andersen from Women Deliver consortium on phone: 28222550 or
Valid press card must be brought on the day.

For further comments from the Women Deliver consortium please contact: Lotte Hansen, leader of the Women Deliver consortium and General manager in Hansen Agenda on 30103280 or

Guidelines for the press on the day:
Press needs to be there no later than 13:45 CET in front of Eigtveds Pakhus
It will be possible to take pictures during the flag raising from a constructed press pool.
Signed up journalist’s will have a place reserved inside.

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