Creating Changes in Women’s Health with Mobile Apps

There are over 6.8 billion cellphone users in the world – 1 billion of those users are women in low and middle income countries. While not every phone has the ability to download mobile apps, the idea of having apps targeted towards issues in women’s health is groundbreaking. That’s why a handful of individuals and companies have taken on this task and begun to create mobile accessible solutions for things like, maternal mortality and managing your menstrual cycle.

While most of us are addicted to the entertainment factor of our devices, there are more and more apps being developed that actually has people’s wellbeing in mind. Apps have come so far since their initial launch in 2008, that there’s an app for almost everything you need. At this point you’re probably asking yourself: “Is there really an app for midwives, or managing your menstrual cycle?” Yes – there’s an app for that.

There are apps like Natural Cycles that help women track their fertility, so that they can easily plan their pregnancies. And then there’s apps like Clue that help women track their menstrual cycle, which in turn helps them gain better control of their lives and body. Even Apple is hopping on the women’s health train; in early June Apple expanded their HealthKit to include a reproductive health tracker. There are even apps out there like the Safe Delivery App that are saving lives, by teaching and instructing birth attendants on how to manage normal and complicated deliveries.

Apps have to power to revolutionize the way we handle global health issues, and they are changing the lives of girls and women everywhere. This is why during Women Deliver’s 4th Global Conference we’ve teamed up with MSD for Mothers to showcase some of the most innovative apps for girls and women’s health during The Appy Hour.

The Appy Hour will feature ten innovative apps addressing global health challenges. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with potential users, get feedback, cultivate new ideas and connections, as well as make contacts that can potentially help elevate the knowledge about and use of the app.

To learn more about The Appy Hour and to submit your app please click here.


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