Celebrate Solutions: How an App is Changing the Lives of Mothers & Newborns in Africa

By: Brittany Tatum, Women Deliver

Imagine you are birth attendant in a remote clinic in Africa. While helping a mother give birth, she begins to bleed - what do you do? You may not have clean, running water, or even electricity. You do, however, have a mobile phone. What does this mean for you and for the safety of the mother and the newborn? It means that you have access to mobile health interventions, such as The Safe Delivery App.

The Safe Delivery App was developed by the Maternity Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark. The Maternity Foundation’s founding principle is that, “no woman should die giving life.” And the app works directly to aid that mission. 

Training for healthcare workers in remote areas is both expensive and difficult. The Safe Delivery App is a ground-breaking tool for those stationed alone in remote areas. Designed to teach and instruct birth attendants on how to manage normal and complicated deliveries, it features instructional animated videos for health workers. The videos are available in both English and local languages, which are crucial for those with low literacy skills.

“The most important part of strengthening quality of care is training of health care workers,” said Maternity Foundation’s CEO Anna Frellsen, in an interview with Not Impossible Now.

The app has already been tested in a randomized control trial in Ghana and Ethiopia, with results revealing that the health workers skills and knowledge level doubled during a 12-month period of using it.  The results also showed that the app has a sustained effect on skill retention that makes it an ideal tool for bridging the outreach gap in quality assurance of basic emergency obstetric and newborn care. ) Not only can the app increase the skill level of healthcare workers, but it also has the opportunity to save thousands of lives. Over 289,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications each year, and lack of quality care is a top factor. 

The Safe Delivery App is a revolutionary training tool that has the opportunity to save thousands of lives in across the globe. It was launched on 22 April in Copenhagen as a part of the celebration of Maternity Foundation’s 10-year anniversary.  The final version of the app will be free to the health sector and NGOs in developing countries.

For more information on The Safe Delivery App, please visit here.

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