Bloomberg Showcases Devastating Maternal Care in India

A heartbreaking story in today’s news highlights the devastating impact of India’s poor treatment of women, especially as they prepare for childbirth. Emphasizing the abysmal care for one young mother, the story reinforces the international affront of the November expose of women who were giving forced sterilizations. This time, however, the story is even more telling, as bribery, corruption and heartless care impact the ultimate and sadly predictable poor outcome for both mother and child.

Women Deliver’s CEO, Katja Iverson says, “Losing a woman due to complications in pregnancy or childbirth is a tragedy. Every time. Whether in India or in any country of the world, it is a loss for families, as well as nations. We know that when girls and women have access to comprehensive maternal and reproductive health services and information, including voluntary family planning, lives are saved and entire families, communities, and nations benefit.

Women are more likely to stay in school, plan their families, invest in their children’s health, and contribute to their local economies – in short, everybody wins. It is short sighted and wrong to let women die giving life.  The time is now for societies to invest in girls’ and women’s health and rights – if they don’t, all stand to lose."

The World Health Organization ranked India, along with Indonesia at the bottom of a group of 20 nations for maternal mortality ratio.

Women Deliver’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, Susan Papp, also published a paper about the topic of substandard maternal care India, focusing on social accountability programs as a way to improve the quality of maternal care and a mechanism for more effective policy implementation.

Read the full article here

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