Reproductive Health

Family Planning and Reproductive Health



  • 225 million women in developing countries have an unmet need for family planning (Guttmacher, 2014)
  • The impact of the unmet need:
  • Spending one dollar for contraceptive services reduces the cost of pregnancy-related care by $1.47 (Guttmacher, 2014)
  • Investing $9.4 billion annually to fully meet the need for modern contraceptive services would…
    • Reduce unintended pregnancies by 70% (Guttmacher, 2014)
    • Reduce unsafe abortions by 74% (Guttmacher, 2014)
    • Decrease maternal deaths by 25% (Guttmacher, unpublished)
    • Drop newborn deaths by 18% (Guttmacher, unpublished)

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