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The Lancet: We Have a Dream flipbook highlights and explores the dreams of young people living across the world.


Every year, 14–16 million adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 give birth, and pregnancy-related deaths are the leading cause of death for girls this age. Young people are being directly affected by maternal mortality, and Women Deliver aspires to assist these young people as they advocate for their own reproductive health and rights. To provide inspiration and information for young people in their advocacy and awareness-raising efforts, Women Deliver is excited to announce that the “Youth Guide to Action on Maternal Health” has been revised and is available for download. Originally launched at Women Deliver 2010 as a component of the Youth Pre-Conference, this toolkit has been used by young leaders around the world to learn more and get involved in maternal health in their own communities.


DOWNLOAD the “Youth Guide to Action on Maternal Health”.


Youth Survey Report: Communicating with Young People on Maternal Health
Engaging global youth in the fight for maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights requires that we understand how to communicate to young people about these issues. In particular, this means that advocates, policymakers, and researchers understand how youth perceive and relate to commonly used terminology.

We surveyed our 100 Young Leaders—a group of inspiring people under the age of 32 working to build a world where the health and well-being of girls and women is a priority—regarding word-choice and perceived meanings of terms in maternal health and sexual and reproductive health. We intend to use these answers to shape and focus our research for messaging plans going forward to produce language that young people connect with.




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