Young Leaders Program

At Women Deliver we are committed to fostering and mobilizing the next generation of advocates for girls and women. 

Women Deliver believes that the health and rights of young people deserve priority. They are powerful spokespeople for their own needs and agents of change who can transform policy, programming, and their communities for the better.

Our Young Leaders Program seeks to elevate the incredible potential and passion of young advocates by providing opportunities for Young Leaders to build their capacity and skills and find platforms for them to share their voices and experiences. The YLP has engaged 400 youth advocates under the age of 30 to date, representing more than 100 countries, supplementing and strengthening their work through online learning communities, high-level networking and speaking opportunities, seed grants, and scholarships to attend and participate in the tri-annual Women Deliver Conference.

Women Deliver is committed to ensuring that adolescents and young people are involved and provided with the information, services, and opportunities needed to live to their full potential.




New Toolkit for Young Leaders


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