C-Exchange Youth Initiative

C Exchange Youth Initiative

In 2013-2014 the C Exchange is focusing on an initiative designed to improve maternal and reproductive health by working in partnership with youth advocates from developing countries.

The C Exchange members recognize that young people are and will be important partners in efforts to ensure that women’s and girls’ health needs are prioritized and met. Across the globe, young people are actively searching for ways to become involved in making a better world. The C Exchange initiative harnesses the expertise of the private sector to broaden and enhance young people’s capacity to do improve maternal and reproductive health through activities designed to:

  • Strengthen the advocacy capacities of young, developing-country leaders in Africa and Asia;
  • Develop and disseminate online resources designed to expand the knowledge base of young leaders concerning the key issues in reproductive and maternal health;
  • Increase knowledge of the reproductive and maternal health needs of women and girls among a broader audience by assisting the youth leaders in developing and implementing communications campaigns;
  • Provide vital opportunities for young people to engage with the private sector leaders, as well as key decision-makers from their own countries.

The C Exchange youth initiative complements Women Deliver’s “Deliver for Youth” program, enabling youth leaders to expand and intensify their communications and advocacy efforts.

Key Activities of the C Exchange Youth Initiative:

  • Launch of the C Exchange Youth Initiative at Women Deliver 2013
  • On-line toolkit on maternal and reproductive health for youth advocates
  • Facilitated E-Courses for youth leaders
  • Small grants for “youth-run” communications and advocacy projects in Africa and Asia
  • Mentoring opportunities for youth leadership


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