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What is the C Exchange?

The C Exchange is a private sector forum that aims to inform, engage and support members in their efforts to improve the health and well-being of girls and women.

C Exchange members are a select group of companies that shares a proven track record of investing in programs and activities that have a direct positive impact for girls and women. Comprised of corporations that play a key role in the movements to improve the lives of women, the C Exchange provides both a forum for exchange and a nexus for private-private sector and public-private sector collaboration.

Overarching Objective: Galvanize and support private sector efforts to secure girls’ and women’s health, rights, and wellbeing

This will be accomplished by:

•    Addressing key gaps in programming for women and girls;
•    Building strong coalitions;
•    Creating innovative projects and campaigns.

C Exchange meetings bring corporate representatives together with select non-governmental organizations to discuss the latest needs and innovations in maternal and reproductive health. Women Deliver’s convening power ensures that they have the opportunity to talk to some of the key thinkers in the maternal and reproductive health community. These meetings allow members to interact in an informal environment to analyze and discuss the most effective ways for the private sector to address the needs of women and girls.

The forum also provides an opportunity for members to collaborate on joint initiatives such as the C Exchange Youth Initiative being implemented currently in Africa and Asia.

To learn more about the C Exchange and the Youth Initiative, download a brochure.



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