Media Partners

To guarantee strong global media coverage around Women Deliver 2013, Women Deliver engaged influential media outlets to serve as official conference partners. Media partners helped generate high-quality coverage of major news and conference themes.

Women Deliver 2013 Media Partners:

The Lancet:
The Lancet
publishes a weekly journal and four monthly specialty journals in the fields of oncology, neurology, respiratory medicine, and infectious diseases. The Lancet produced a special issue focused on the themes of the Women Deliver 2013 conference.

MTV Staying Alive: MTV Staying Alive supports innovative projects in the areas that need it most by funding the creative and ambitious young leaders that run them. They produce ground-breaking global content that reinforces their aim: to stop HIV before it even starts.


Thomson Reuters Foundation: Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of the world’s leading provider of news and information, is committed to empowering people in need around the world with trusted information and free legal assistance.


 The Guardian's award-winning global development site
was launched in 2010 to provide special focus on the Millennium Development Goals — the eight targets set in 2000 by the United Nations Millennium Declaration with the aim of improving the lives of the world's poorest people by 2015. It aims to link to the best content on the web, to create a forum for debate and to promote the sharing of research and ideas.



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