Honorary Co-Chairs

We are pleased to announce the two honorary co-chairs for the Women Deliver 2010 conference:

Frederick Torgbor Sai, Ghanaian physician

Fred-Sai.jpgDr. Fred Sai, a Ghanaian family health physician, trained in the Universities of London, Edinburgh and Harvard, is an internationally recognized gender and reproductive health advocate.

He has held important positions both in Ghana and internationally including, as Director of Medical Services and Professor of Community Health in Ghana; as nutrition adviser to the FAO, Africa Region, as coordinator for the World Hunger Programme of the UN University and as Senior Population Advisor to the Word Bank. Dr. Sai was president of IPPF from 1989 to 1995; was recipient of the UN Population Award in 1993, and has received many awards and honors for his work in population, reproductive health and nutrition. Dr. Sai is world renowned for his chairing of various international conferences including moderator for the 1987 Safe Motherhood Conference which launched the Safe Motherhood Initiative and chairman for the Main Committees of the International Conference on Population in Mexico in 1984 and of the International Conference on Population and Development, ICPD, in Cairo in 1994. It was this last conference which produced the Programme of Action, emphasizing the centrality of women to all development programmes and called for world attention to the improvement in the status of women and for equity and equality between the sexes as the basis of all human relationships.

Michelle Bachelet, former president of Chile


Michelle Bachelet is the former president of Chile, and the first woman to hold the position. A moderate Socialist, her presidential campaign was based on a platform of continuing Chile's free market policies, while increasing social benefits to help reduce the country's gap between rich and poor.

In 2009, Forbes magazine ranked her as 22nd in the list of the 100 Most Powerful Women. Prior to becoming President, Bachelet served as Minister of Health and Minister of Defense (the first Latin American woman to hold the post) under President Ricardo Largos. Bachelet has also worked for the Pan-American Health Organization, the World Health Organization, and Chile’s National AIDS Commission.

President Bachelet is a surgeon, pediatrician, and epidemiologist, and has a Master’s degree in Military Science. President Bachelet has three children and speaks Spanish, English, French, German, and Portuguese.


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